Kenah Lynnette

Flint, MI Native

“I am light. I am love. I am divine royalty”.

For some time now, Kenah Lynnette has been repeating those affirmations to herself, daily; I am light. I am love. I am divine royalty.It has helped her reach new heights within herself and maneuver through her God-given purposes in life.

In earlier years, she was never shy going after what she wanted. Fresh out of high school, she pursued higher education by attending Central Michigan University. Upon graduating from CMU, she decided that she wanted to take it a step further in education by attending West Virginia University for graduate school. Though she made accomplishments that she wanted for herself, becoming a Marketing and Community Engagement professional, fear held her back from other desires and bigger dreams.

Fortunately, now, she is choosing to let love lead, blocking out those fearful thoughts, and allowing God to work through her because the work is bigger than herself. All of her life, she has wanted to help people and support a greater cause. She knew she could not do this unless love was in the center of her work. What greater love than love for self and love for humanity?

Love for self and love for humanity has pushed her into her passion and what she believes is her purpose. Everyone deserves to experience whole wellness, from mental to physical. Holistic and whole wellness is a luxury all people should have access to. Kenah Lynnette’s goal is ensure that she contributes to the luxurious world of holistic wellness by offering ways to cater to self in the most loving way to those who support her and her brand.

Join her in this journey of holistic, whole wellness and self-love!